7 November 2016

Sorry about not posting for a few days recently.  We have been busy.  Last night we banded 20 new owls and had some retraps of birds we had already banded this season.  We have had lots of visitors – Blue Ridge Young Birders, a group from Calvert County, MD, and part of the Masters Naturalist group.  In addition to the Northern Saw-whet Owls that have stopped by, we had two uninvited Barred Owls.  Hopefully they are gone now.  Our season total is over 80 new birds banded now, which is above our 15-year average for this date, but not as high as our two peak years.

Tonight we host the Rockingham Bird Club (at least a few of them).  Tomorrow rain is forecast later in the evening and I am not sure that we will open.  If you plan to visit, please check tomorrow around this time for late announcement  The same holds true for Wednesday, but after that the weather appears to be favorable for a number of days.  But then again … always check here. Thank you.

Blue Ridge Young Birders, Zig, and shy Barred Owl

Blue Ridge Young Birders, Zig, and shy Barred Owl


Whittens - Master Naturalists 2016

Part of the Master Naturalist group a saw-whet attempt a selfie




Part of the Calvert County group watching Joanna band



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