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Two more saw-whets and a Barred Owl

When EMU student and Mathias resident, Bekka, arrived she showed me a photo of a Barred Owl that she had taken and  then this happened.



A Barred Owl closed our nets for the evening but not before we banded one more new saw-whet and re-trapped another banded saw-whet.  The banded bird turned out to have been originally banded in St. Ignace, Michigan on Mackinac Island.  This is one of the most western stations that we have ever had a banding record exchange with.  It was banded in 2016 but they aged the bird as 2+ years old at that time; so last night it was at least four-years-old.  We caught a lot of HY (hatch-year = young birds) this year but we also had a good group of rather old birds to report.

After we caught the Barred Owl and the EMU group left, I went up to close the nets and found the two saw-whets mentioned above.  I think that we will not open the nets tonight in order to allow the Barred Owl to figure out some other place to go for supper.  I will be gone next week so I am sure when/if the station will open again this year.  A full report for the year will appear at this site in the near future.


Next banding date … ?  Check back next week









No Banding tonight after all!

I had an unexpected turn of events at the oral surgeons office this morning which has resulted in my not being able to band tonight so we will be closed tonight and perhaps tomorrow night as well.

No banding tonight, Tuesday, 27 November

The winds predicted for this evening are too strong for the safety of the owls.  Although it looks like the winds weren’t as strong as they predicted last night, I am assuming that the forecasts are closer to correct than last evening.  At any rate the predictions are for higher winds than last night.


Tonight – closed, due to unacceptably high winds

Wednesday night – open

Thursday – probably open

Clair Mellinger


More owls banded last night; closed tonight, Monday, 26 November 2018

We banded three more owls last night and caught an “old” bird banded at an as-yet-unidentified location.  We had 6 visitors so the owls didn’t make any headway last night toward a winning season.

Clair and Zig.jpg

Photo by Ben Spory … who somehow also managed to be in the photo!


We will be closed tonight because of predicted strong wind and tomorrow night, Tuesday, looks worse than tonight.  Check back later.

Wednesday night might be our next best chance to open.

No owls last night, Friday

We were open last night for about 3.5 hours but closed after catching and hearing nothing … except an Eastern Screech-owl, which was calling when I first arrived.  There a lot of factors that could be working against our catching owls at the moment … not least of which is the weather.  Winds are from the south and today, of course, it is raining.  It looks like the rain will end here around 4 PM but the weather system is moving north so it will still be raining north of us, even after that time.  I don’t think that I will open tonight unless the “storm” moves a lot faster than expected.  Right now it looks like we can make another try on Sunday night.


Still no new photos so I thought I would feature an Eastern Screech-owl which we caught in 2016 … since it was the only owl I saw or heard last night.


Closed tonight, Saturday, 24 November

Probably open on Sunday night.  Check again tomorrow.