THIRTEEN MORE NEW OWLS ON SATURDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2020 – maybe it wasn’t a Friday the 13th phenomenon

by Ben Spory

Saturday we had another solid night of banding. Weather at the station was clear with temperatures starting in the low 40’s and dropping into the upper 30’s. We captured 13 owls including 1 foreign recapture and 2 local recaptures. Of those birds we had 8 females and 5 indeterminate animals. No screech owl was heard but we stopped to appreciate a pack of coyotes that could be heard calling on a nearby ridge. Sunday through Tuesday had poor weather conditions and we did not attempt to open the station. It seems that the winds will have died down by this evening and we should have a shot at banding tonight. 

Nightly Total New Birds: 11

Foreign Recapture: 1

Local Recaptures: 2


Season Totals

Total Count:76; Foreign Recaptures: 3

Zig helps John Spahr band a saw-whet in 2018

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