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4 December 2016

Dave and Jan Wendelken spent part of the evening with me but not one  saw-whet  joined us. Almost eerily quiet up at the nets. Strange ending to a rather strange season.  It started off great but slowed to a quick stop.  Of course we had a lot of bad weather toward the end but that’s always the case.  We caught very few of the birds that (we banded this year) a second time … especially toward the end of the season.

Unofficial totals at this point suggest that we banded 120 Northern Saw-whet owls.  We caught 8 birds that were already banded, including one that we banded in 2014.  The banded birds were mostly banded in previous years, although we do not information on two or three of them yet.  One-hundred-sixty-four of you signed our guest list and I suspect there were a number of you who didn’t. So let’s say, at least 164 visitors.  The owls lose again.  Oh well, wait until next year.

Clair Mellinger





2 December 2016

Well, I  caught no owls last night but I did learn a lot about Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, and Arctic Terns.  That is a very fair trade-off in my opinion.  Thank you, Joanna.

Tonight the winds are forecast to be between 7-12 mph all evening, so I think that I will make the next try on Saturday evening.  That could be the last night of the season if the current trend continues.  I see that there is a chance of (wet) snow on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday next week.  (I just realized that “snow” is an anagram of NSWO, which is the banding lab’s code for the Northern Saw-whet Owl.  As with all anagrams, there is no significance to this … I’m sure.)


Tonight, Friday, 2 December – Closed

Saturday, 3 December – Open

Sunday, 4 December – Probably closed; rain