Thirteen owls on Friday, 13 November 2020

by Ben Spory

13 owls for Friday the 13th…sort of
With 5 of us at the station tonight we were well equipped to handle plenty of birds, which was ideal, as we netted 12 new Saw whets. There was a mild breeze at the station tonight but it didn’t seem to be enough to inhibit the owls movement. Our “13th” owl was an animal that we initially captured early in the night only to catch it again at last net check, she was probably happy to have a much abbreviated visit with us the second go round. A screech owl was heard calling quite close to the nets during multiple checks but not seen, which was probably for the best. We also encountered the most vocal Saw whet that I believe any of us had heard. From un-netting to banding this bird vocalized it’s displeasure any time it was in hand with a near constant stream of abuse. It is quite possible that some of its distress was fueled by an awareness of the nearby screech owl, after evaluating the bird for injury at the nets and determining it to be in apparent good health we moved to the station and could determine no other immediate reason for its temperament. Tomorrow looks feasible for more banding but wind speeds may rise and result in an early closure while Sunday looks to be too windy.

Nightly Total New Birds: 12

Season Totals

Total Count: 65; Foreign Recaptures: 2

The aforementioned night hOWLer. 

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