Directions to our banding station


Coming from I-81(north or south). Take the Broadway/Mauzy exit (Exit 257), the first exit north of Harrisonburg (or the first exit south of New Market). At that exit you can get Route 259 west into Broadway. Continue on Route 259, through Broadway, west to the camp. See the details (From Broadway) below.

Coming north to Broadway from Harrisonburg. Take Route 42 to Broadway and through Broadway to a traffic light at a T-intersection. Turn left (west) there on Route 259.

From Broadway: Continue on Route 259 west out of Broadway for about 15 miles. About 15 miles west of Broadway, on the right hand side of the road, you will see a large sign for Highland Retreat Camp. A smaller “street sign” will say Upper Highland Drive. DO NOT TURN HERE. Continue about 0.4 miles further and you will see a smaller sign for Highland Retreat Camp with a “street sign” saying Lower Highland Drive. Turn right into the camp (gravel) driveway here. Bear left where the driveway splits into a Y. You will see the Tabernacle building ahead of you (not the building on the right side of the driveway). There should be some lights on around the building by then. Look for a white Subaru or Dodge pick-up parked on the right side of the building. We band in a little room of this tabernacle building. There should be a light on in the room. If I am not in the room, I will be up at the nets. Please wait for me, rather than trying to find the nets.

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