Monthly Archives: December 2019

Owling season ends; Christmas season begins?

It looks like the banding season may be over.  Charles or I may get out a time or two to check on late comers and those owls that will hang around Highland Retreat for the winter.  However, I think that I will declare the season ended and calculate the totals for this year.

On Thursday night one of the founders of Project Owlnet, Dave Brinker, will be speaking at the Rockingham Bird Club monthly meeting.  Dave is currently an ecologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  The meeting will be at VMRC as usual, but in Strite Hall (not Detwiler Auditorium, our regular meeting place).  It should be a very informative meeting.

I will try to post the season totals here soon for any of you who are interested in the details for the year.