Monthly Archives: October 2020

2020 Plans


I am thinking that I will not open the saw-whet banding station this fall for several reasons.

Since Mamie has a chronic respiratory condition that puts her in an even higher Covid-19 risk category than our ages alone would indicate, we have been trying to keep as low a profile as possible. We could probably keep socially-distanced at the station but driving to and from the station, etc. adds some possible risk.

I am also not as comfortable as I used to be being at the station and climbing the hill alone. My equilibrium is not what it once was and I do have the heart coronary valves stents plus an aortic valve heart murmur to consider as well. Driving at night is also something I no longer enjoy as much as I used to.

So despite the fact that the migration numbers look good at stations north of us, I am thinking that I will not open this year. I have talked with some of you about your ability to help this year and I appreciate your offers to help. If you can think of some thing or somebody to offset these problems, please let me know. It would be nice to keep the project running but I don’t think that I can head it up this year.

Clair Mellinger