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The weather has cleared up more than I expected this afternoon.  It is also clear north of us, so I think that I will give it a shot tonight, especially since this is one of the few nights that I will be able to get out this week.  Unless things change for the worse quickly, I will plan to open the nets at the regular time this evening.

Clair Mellinger

29 November 2016

We need the rain.  I guess we will just enjoy the next few days for that reason and forget the saw-whets that we might have banded.  Although it doesn’t look like it will be raining tonight, winds will be from the south and the rain could begin again around midnight.  I doubt that intelligent owls are going to be migrating tonight. I don’t see a good night for banding until Saturday.  We will see.

Tuesday, 29 November – closed

Wednesday, 30 November – closed

Thursday, 1 December – closed for RBC meeting

Monday, 28 November 2016

We caught only one saw-whet last night and I am beginning to think that the migration season is over.  I thought that it would maintain some strength into early December from the earlier reports from stations north of us.

We will not open tonight.  The winds in the early evening will be higher than I like and the rain might start before midnight.  Tomorrow we will be between rains but I doubt that conditions will be favorable for migration in our area or north of us.  I doubt that we will open.  Wednesday night looks like more rain; and Thursday night both of us will be at the Rockingham Bird Club meeting to hear Joanna Morelli’s (our faithful assistant over the past three years) talk about her summer research with Atlantic Puffins in Maine.


Tonight, Monday, 28 November – closed

Tuesday, 29 November – ?????

Wednesday, 30 November – probably closed

Thursday, 1 December – closed for RBC meeting



26 November 2016

Despite the fact that my two grandchildren were along last night to bring me luck, we didn’t catch any owls the first two net-checks.  So they headed home to bed.  The third time up Larry Martin and I found nothing … but a Barred Owl.  This is an owl that we banded on 13 November.  At that time we relocated him about 5 miles away from our nets.  He has come back.  I suspect that he may have been part of the reason that we haven’t been catching saw-whets lately.  Then again … maybe not.  Migration could be ending sooner than we thought for this year.

Tonight winds are forecast.  They would have made opening a marginal prospect; with


Jonathan Martin offers our returning Barred Owl a new home

the question of what we need to do about our Barred Owl friend, I think that we will not open tonight.  Weather conditions look more favorable tomorrow night, so I think we will wait and give it a shot then.



Tonight, Saturday, 26 November – closed

Sunday, 27 November – open

Monday, 28 November – probably open

Tuesday and Wednesday – probably closed; rain


25 November 2016

I am going to open tonight with the hope that conditions will be suitable to open the upper nets.  If not I will open only the lower nets … but I plan to give it a try.

Tomorrow night looks a lot like tonight.  So I am reserving judgment about opening tomorrow night until I see what tonight is like. 

Clair Mellinger

Wednesday night update

The radar shows showers at Highland right now.  After they pass, it will be raining north of our station and later will be raining at the station itself.  I have decided that there is no point trying to band tonight.  I hope that none of you are on the way to Highland.  Sorry for the delay in making the decision.

Clair Mellinger

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

23 November 2016

Well, it was 22-2 again last night … or something close to that … and I don’t want to talk about it.  We will try again tonight.  Pray for owls and than later on during the night … rain.



Tonight, Wednesday, 23 November – open

Thursday, 24 November, Thanksgiving – closed

Friday, 25 November – ???? but we won’t be shopping

Monday, 21 November 2016

The banding station has not been open for the past two nights because of the wind.  We will not be open tonight for the same reason.  There appears to be a high probability for rain on Wednesday night.  Thursday we will be closed for Thanksgiving.  So tomorrow night we need to catch a lot of owls.

Monday, November 21 – closed due to windy conditions