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Banding season ends … basically


Our family and the Christmas owl – December 2014

Sorry for the lapse in reporting but there has been very little to report.  I may have missed a few birds that Zig and Christopher and Ben and others reported the week I was gone, but since then the snow and the rain and the generally bad weather has combined to bring an end to the banding season.  I will be back with a summary of the results and some highlights of the season. Our nets are still up and may stay up for a little longer … or at least until I return from our Christmas-with-the-children-and-grandchildren event which is taking place in California this year.

Check back later for the summary.

Clair Mellinger

Two more saw-whets banded

Charles Ziegenfus (Zig) and Christopher Lehman opened the nets on Tuesday night and banded two new owls and re-captured one that we had banded on November 11.

They were not up last night because of the snow but are planning to give it another try tonight, Thursday, November 6.

Me? I’m on the NC Outer Banks enjoying gannets, eider, scoters, turnstones, and hundreds, yea, thousands, of other waterfowl.  It’s almost hard for me to miss the saw-whets.

Clair Mellinger