More owls moving south

We banded 32 owls last night.  The nets were only open between 6:30 and 10:30 PM (and the caller was turned off during some of that time) but we caught and banded 32 owls plus one we had banded the night before last.  We are now past the 50 owls-banded mark for this fall.  No photos … we were too busy banding.

Friday 9 November – CLOSED; it probably will still be raining

Saturday and Sunday – weather looks good at this point

Monday, 12 November – probably closed


15 more owls arrive

IMG_20181107_210855204(1)We banded 9 more owls plus a couple of recaptures last night, Wednesday, November 7. One of the recaptures was an owl we banded on November 3, but the other was an owl banded in Peterborough, Ontario, in October of 2016. All in all a very good evening.  Seven members of the Rockingham Bird Club joined us for most of the evening.  (Owls win, 9-8.)


Tonight, Thursday, November 8, we will be open.

Friday, November 9, closed due to rain.  

Saturday and Sunday look good at this point.  Check back again later.

Station open tonight

We hopefully will be banding some owls tonight.  It cleared off so fast last night that I did go up and band for a couple of hours.  I banded two HY owls before a heavy mist settled in on the ridge top because of all the moisture evaporating from the ground.


Tonight looks good.

Thursday night ?????

Friday night – probably a good night to rest up for the weekend

Closed again tonight

The weather looks exactly like it did last night.  It doesn’t look like the rain will have cleared out here or north of us.  So I will not open the nets again tonight.  I DO think that we can open tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

No banding tonight, Tuesday, 6 November 2018.

Wednesday looks good.  Thursday ???  They are still banding good numbers of owls north of us.

Three more owls banded last night

1-P1050400.JPGOur catch rate dropped back from our opening day success but is still better than the last several years.  We banded three more owls on Sunday night, 4 October.  The owls lost a close one, 3-4, with the visitors.


Although it may rain a good bit today, it appears that this evening will be OK for opening the nets.  So at this point …

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (November 5,6, and 7) all look acceptable as far as weather is concerned.


Eleven owls on opening night!

We had a good start to the season.  After an hour of raking and picking leaves out of the nets, we captured and banded 11 owls last night.  Most of them were HY birds (hatched the summer of 2018) which may indicate that this was a good year for saw-whet reproduction and that there are more owls on the way south.  We shall see.

The Blue Ridge Young Birders Club visited, as well as four others which keeps the score tied at 11-11, I think, as far as the owls vs visitors rivalry is concerned.  As you probably know, I am rooting for the owls.


Sunday – looks good

Monday – looks OK

Tuesday – questionable at this point but may be worth opening