Thursday, 12 November 2020 – Twelve (12) more saw-whets!

by Ben Spory

After two days of wind and rain Chris, Matt, and I had hopes that a fair number of bottled up Saw whets would be moving through the area and those hopes were validated. Conditions at the station were wet and the creek was up but fortunately there was no active precipitation and little wind. It was also darker with cloud cover at 100%, which may also contribute to increased movement due to increased concealment. We netted our new, single night, season high at 12 birds. With 7 birds in our second net check Chris made the apt comment that it was nice to have 3 of us at the station. I believe that most of our birds were female with 1 unknown. HY, AHY, and ASY were all present with no recaptures either local or foreign. Tonight should be decent banding weather but the weekend is looking to be a bit windy so we will have to play that by ear.

Nightly Total New Birds: 12

Season Totals

Total Count: 53; Foreign Recaptures: 2

Saw-whets eyes rapidly dilating in low light.

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