Sunday, 8 November 2020 – Zig saves the day … night

By Ben Spory

We had a late start last night after a door at the station locked behind us with the key inside. Fortunately Zig came to our rescue and with him came the birds. Our first net check yielded only 2 birds but our second netted 7, followed by another 2 at last check. This is our second night with 11 birds this week. We had multiple birds with interesting molt patterns, another male, and a second foreign recapture. HY birds made up less than half of the nightly total at 5, with 5 AHY birds, and 1 ASY bird. Our total count is now at 38 with 2 of those being foreign recaptures. We have essentially hit last season’s total in just 6 days of open nets! The weather looks like it will shift mid week but we should be able to get another night or two of banding in before the rain.

Nightly Total New Birds: 11
Season Totals

Total Count: 38; Foreign Recaptures: 2

The master bander at work

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