Two more saw-whets and a Barred Owl

When EMU student and Mathias resident, Bekka, arrived she showed me a photo of a Barred Owl that she had taken and  then this happened.



A Barred Owl closed our nets for the evening but not before we banded one more new saw-whet and re-trapped another banded saw-whet.  The banded bird turned out to have been originally banded in St. Ignace, Michigan on Mackinac Island.  This is one of the most western stations that we have ever had a banding record exchange with.  It was banded in 2016 but they aged the bird as 2+ years old at that time; so last night it was at least four-years-old.  We caught a lot of HY (hatch-year = young birds) this year but we also had a good group of rather old birds to report.

After we caught the Barred Owl and the EMU group left, I went up to close the nets and found the two saw-whets mentioned above.  I think that we will not open the nets tonight in order to allow the Barred Owl to figure out some other place to go for supper.  I will be gone next week so I am sure when/if the station will open again this year.  A full report for the year will appear at this site in the near future.


Next banding date … ?  Check back next week









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