Five more saw-whets banded on Monday night, November 19

Chris Lehman, Eric King, Zig, and I banded five more owls and released them back into the cloudy night in the hopes that someone else will retrap these birds and gain some more valuable information about their migration routes and other intimate details of their life.

Capon Run made our life a little more interesting by spilling over the low-water bridge and forcing us to drive Zig’s car over the bridge every time we wanted to go up and check the nets.  Snow melt has caused the stream to rise every night since the snow and last night it was flowing rather vigorously over the bridge.

Mrs. and Mr. Saw-whet

We were fortunate enough to catch a female saw-whet and one of the relatively rare males that we catch each year for a comparison in their sizes.  Here’s a question for your classes, Brittany and Larry:  Which one is the female?  Chances are if you get that question correct, you can figure out which one is the male too.


Both tonight and tomorrow night, 20 and 21 November, are predicted to be very windy during the time we have our nets open.  If this forecast holds, we won’t open the nets either night.  Currently I am going to say that the nets will be closed tonight, but check again for tomorrow’s forecast.

Clair Mellinger


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