10 Owls captured in the lower nets

While I entertained myself applying ice packs to my face, Zig, Chris Lehman, Ron King, Robyn Puffenbarger and more of the Bridgewater College ecology class were banding 7 more owls and examining some retrapped banded owls last night.  The foreign retrap was an HY bird which means that this is the second time in 2-3 months that it is been captured.  Zig said some of the owls were pretty unhappy … and she was probably one of that persuasion.    The Bird Banding Lab doesn’t yet have the information on who banded her.

We also learned of two birds that we banded in previous years that have recently been encountered elsewhere.  One of Scott Weidensaul’s banders captured an owl that we had banded six years ago!  At least Scott reported that using our banding data, he calculated that it was six-year-old owl.  Six is serious old age for a saw-whet.  But wait! There’s more!  Recently Amanda Dillon, who bands saw-whets somewhere between Albany and Schenectady, caught an owl that we banded in 2012!  We judged the owl to be a 2-year-old+ bird when we banded it.  That would make it an 8-year-old+ bird now.  This may be the oldest documented Northern Saw-whet Owl in the Bird Banding Lab’s files.  If not the oldest on record, it at least one of the oldest!!  More exclamation points!!  Well, on to the


No owling tonight.  Do I need to spell it out for you?

Friday – Now Friday is looking very doubtful.  They are predicting strong breezes which do not appear to be dying at sunset. Right now (Thursday evening) I am leaning toward not opening on Friday night.  Check again tomorrow.

Saturday – It looks like we are in for a stretch of good weather … but don’t take anything for granted.  Check here.

Ron King


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