Three saw-whets and another Barred Owl

We were only open 2.5 hours last night but in that time we caught four owls and banded one!   The first saw-whet we caught was banded last year near Sperryville VA.  The second was an owl that we had banded last week.  The third saw-whet had no bands at all so we gave it a nice silver one.  The fourth owl that we caught got away before I could get to it to remove it from the net.  That owl was a Barred Owl.  It had obviously taken a pass at the saw-whet that was in the net but fortunately failed in its attempt.  However, before I could get to it, s/he managed to slip out of the net and get away.  It may have been the same owl that we banded earlier this year.  To avoid danger to the saw-whets, we closed the nets and came home.

The station will not be open tonight, Tuesday, 24 November, in the hope that it will encourage the Barred Owl to go somewhere else for supper.


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